We at Drummond Reid pride ourselves in having over 40 years experience in the field of restoration.


We cover all aspect of restoration from minor action repair to full rebuilds and restringing. If you have an old piano you may be considering restoring, it is advisable to contact us first and we can give you an appraisal of your instrument. Unless is a top name i.e Steinway, Bluthner, Bechstein etc., your piano may not need a full rebuild but may benefit greatly from case restoring and a minor service. However, only a site call can determine this.

Full Rebuilding

Full rebuilding of a piano would normally include replacement of strings, pin-block, tuning pins and action rebuilds include new dampers, felts, springs, hammers etc. The sound board would also be checked for cracks splits or any other problems. The case would also be fully stripped to the bare timber, any repairs carried out, sanded, stained and repolished in appropriate colour and finish with all the keys and brassware be cleaned as well.

Restoration Costs

Prices for this sort of work varies. It can cost anything up to £5000 for a full grand restoration and £2500 for a good upright, depending on the amount of work required. Repolishing on its only would normally cost from £800-£1200 (this depends on the type of upright piano) or £1200-£1600 (for grand pianos). All prices are subject to transport costs.


Modern day finishes are mostly a lacquered finish, but we here a Drummond Reid still carry out French Polishing using age old techniques to achieve the ultimate finish. This is a more costly finish because of the timescale involved. A modern finish i.e lacquer, provides a more subtle satin finish and is considerably easier to look after – Low Maintenance!

One final word of advice – never attempt to do a D.I.Y. polishing job yourself. It will only end in tears – trust us!

Full written quotations are available – please contact us for more details.